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“Our sweet Elby is turning 18 months old soon, and we just requested a pickup for our LAST milk donation!"

A smile this big can only mean one thing - lots of milk donated to babies in need!

Philip was born at 35 weeks and spent 13 days in the NICU for help regulating his temperature and bilirubin levels. For mom Christine, Philip’s time in the NICU was incredibly challenging emotionally. She said, “Seeing him hooked up to monitors in a temperature-controlled environment receiving light therapy hurt my mommy heart. All I wanted to do was hold him and never let go - but I had to let go for him to get the treatments he needed so that he could come home.”

"Seeing all the little precious babies [in the NICU] fighting for their lives hits me hard, and if there’s one way I can help I’ll do it by donating my extra breastmilk.”

Boone Edward decided to make his presence on 1/19/2023 at 33 weeks and 3 days gestation. Since he was 7 weeks early, he had to have donor milk until my own milk came in…

Over 150 representatives from 30 nonprofit North American milk banks attended the Symposium on Human Milk Banking in Columbus, Ohio last week.

Why did Sharvonne decided to become a milk donor? To help preemie babies like her son, AJ.

Indie Mae spent nine days in the NICU and relied on donor milk until donor Becca’s supply came in.

“Knowing that I can give a gift to other mothers, and fragile babies really means the world…”

“Knowing that I can help families during their most vulnerable time gives me such a huge feeling of joy and purpose. I donate on behalf of many friends, coworkers and family members who have had…"

“I didn’t reach every goal I had for 2022 but the one that I did achieve was donating to the milk bank over 10,000 ounces of milk! Such an amazing feeling to provide help to other babies!”

Amanda shares, “It feels so great to give back and know that the extra milk we donated will go to help little ones and families in need!”

As a three-time donor, Camille has now donated almost 1,500 ounces for a total of 1,750 ounces.

Milk drives have been a great way to get out and about to connect with the community – we’ve been able to hold them with a variety of community partners including hospitals, clinics, a private lactation consultant’s office, and even as part of a Trunk or Treat Halloween event with a local nonprofit supporting NICU families.

After their son's unexpected early arrival, Susan and Wes are grateful for their extra liquid gold, and that they can pay it forward to help other fragile babies and families who are in the NICU.

Krista says, “Donating my extra milk is extremely special. I know that many moms either struggle or cannot produce enough at times. I am blessed that I am able to help out anyone that may need it.”

Tiffany has taken full advantage of our depot collection site at Van Buren County Health Unit in Clinton, Arkansas, making one large donation of her extra milk with each of her three babies, now 14 months, 4 and 7 years old.

In her own heartrending words, Verda shares how donating breastmilk after the monumental loss of her daughter has acknowledged, honored and celebrated her beloved baby girl.

Human milk is a “a lifesaving intervention for premature infants” but human donor milk in NICUs isn’t always accessible to fragile babies who might need this liquid gold.

Connie Rico, our amazing bilingual certified IBCLC, is hosting our Baby Café breastfeeding support group en español.

At 20 weeks into her pregnancy, it was discovered during an ultrasound that Katie’s daughter Louise had what was thought to be a cleft lip. After further tests, it was discovered that Louise had a rare genetic deletion syndrome which causes brain and heart abnormalities.

Milk donor, Emely, has advice for fellow moms who are helping other babies with their extra breastmilk.

Moulee is an Indian American and retired donor mom. Her mantra “haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate” centers on creating a positive environment for herself and her family. “Give your energy to the people who bring light to your life, who encourage you to accept you exactly as you are. And most importantly, ask for what you need and deserve!

Mary and her husband live in Grand Prairie with their three children, Divine, Wisdom and Wonderful. Mary affirms her calling to motherhood naturally includes donating her extra breastmilk to help others.

Jennifer, a current nursing student from Princeton, Texas, shares her thoughts and advice about milk donation.

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