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Moulee is on a mission to help other mothers. She explains, “I am passionate about motherhood and breastfeeding. There is still not enough priority given to helping first-time moms learn everything that goes behind breastfeeding. And for those who are not able to produce milk, my heart breaks for them because it causes guilt they should not have to bear.”

Kristian's first encounter with the power of human milk happened shortly after the birth of her first son, Kase.

Earlier this year, Kimberly reached out to our in-house lactation consultant, Amanda, because she was having difficulty breastfeeding. Every time her baby latched on, it was very painful for Kimberly. In addition, she had concerns about her baby’s weight gain.

Megan and Mac’s baby boy, Matthew, was born earlier than they had anticipated. When he arrived at 33 weeks, Matthew went straight to the NICU at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

We frequently walk alongside grieving parents. Many mothers connect with us after the tragic loss of their babies to donate breastmilk to help others.

September is NICU Awareness Month. We are so grateful for Eliza, who reached out to us to share her NICU story and how donor milk was an integral part of her son’s recovery and an extraordinary way for her to help others.

“Donating means sharing thousands of pieces of me to perfect strangers I will never meet, for their best start…[Donating has] provided me with the ability to make a difference in the fragile lives of premature newborns, and educate myself about all things breastmilk.”

When Frances started breastfeeding after her baby received donor milk in the NICU, she ended up with an excess supply of breastmilk and decided to give back.

The NEC Society is working to fight a deadly disease affecting fragile infants.

Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas is carefully monitoring ongoing developments regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 and how it relates to milk banking.

Carmen is donating breastmilk after tragically losing her baby, Sebastian.

If you’re familiar with Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, you may hear us talk about “HmmmBANA” from time to time. No, we aren’t trying to hum. It’s actually an everyday acronym used by our staff, but what does it mean?

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