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What We Do

Saving Little Lives

Premature Infants

  • We provide fragile infants with donor human milk by prescription when their own mother’s milk isn’t available. This often happens when babies are born prematurely. 
  • On average, 75% of donor human milk is dispensed to hospital NICUs. 
  • Immunological properties of donor human milk prevent complications such as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) and enhance survivability. 

Outpatient Babies

  • Typically, 20% of donor human milk is dispensed to fragile babies at home, our outpatients.
  • Outpatients with a medical necessity are never turned away based on the family's ability to pay milk processing fees.
  • On average, we provide approximately $450,000 from our charitable care fund annually for these families. 

Healthy Newborns

  • Based on availability, approximately 5% of donor milk serves healthy newborns, bridging the gap between hospital discharge and a successful breastfeeding routine.
  • Learn more about the Donor Milk To Go program.

Recipient Stories

Who are the Milk Donors?

Safety Comes First

Research & Education

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Just the Facts

  • Pediatrix Neonatology
    Pediatrix Neonatology
  • Abide Women's Health Services
    Abide Women's Health Services
  • NEC Society
  • The Amy E. Shewbart Foundation
    The Amy E. Shewbart Foundation
  • Benbrook Chamber of Commerce
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