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Our Mission

We strive to improve the health and survival of infants through breastfeeding advocacy and the safe, equitable provision of pasteurized donor human milk.

Our Impact

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Moulee is on a mission to help other mothers. She explains, “I am passionate about motherhood and breastfeeding. There is still not enough priority given to helping first-time moms learn everything that goes behind breastfeeding. And for those who are not able to produce milk, my heart breaks for them because it causes guilt they should not have to bear.”

Kristian's first encounter with the power of human milk happened shortly after the birth of her first son, Kase.

Earlier this year, Kimberly reached out to our in-house lactation consultant, Amanda, because she was having difficulty breastfeeding. Every time her baby latched on, it was very painful for Kimberly. In addition, she had concerns about her baby’s weight gain.

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    Pediatrix Neonatology
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    Abide Women's Health Services
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