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Our Mission

We strive to improve the health and survival of infants through breastfeeding advocacy and the safe, equitable provision of pasteurized donor human milk.

Our Impact

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Unable to breastfeed her first two children, Gaby was determined to succeed with her third. This plan became extremely challenging when Moroni was born early at 35 weeks in the emergency room weighing four pounds.

Myles was born prematurely at 25 weeks and weighed only one pound, eleven ounces. He was slightly heavier than a basketball, six medium-sized bananas or six sticks of butter which classified him as a micropreemie. Due to his early arrival, Myles would face many challenges and a long stay in the hospital NICU.

Most people are not aware that babies born too soon or with a medical condition are at high risk for a complex disease called necrotizing enterocolitis or NEC. NEC is a severe intestinal disease that affects vulnerable infants, most often in the early weeks of life.

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    Pediatrix Neonatology
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