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For Healthy Newborns

Donor Milk to Go

Milk for Healthy Newborns

Based on milk availability, the Donor Milk to Go program bridges the gap between leaving the hospital and a successful breastfeeding routine. This allows short-term supplementation with human milk instead of formula while providing babies with a healthy start and parents with peace of mind. 

This program is only available at the participating Donor Milk to Go locations listed below.

*As of October 23, 2023, families will no longer be required to upload a prescription as part of the DMTG online application process.

Costs/Processing Fees

Costs are based on our processing fees associated with milk safety including donor screenings, pasteurization, testing and packaging. 100 ml bottles are $10 each. 200 ml bottles are $20 each. 

Distribution Sites & Payment

Participating Hospitals and Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas
DFW Dispensary
For Physicians
Is your hospital not listed? Fill out our donor milk inquiry form. 
  • Pediatrix Neonatology
    Pediatrix Neonatology
  • Abide Women's Health Services
    Abide Women's Health Services
  • NEC Society
  • The Amy E. Shewbart Foundation
    The Amy E. Shewbart Foundation
  • Benbrook Chamber of Commerce
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