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Milk Drives

Upcoming Milk Drives:

Check back soon for upcoming milk drives!

What is a Milk Drive?

Much like blood drives, milk drive events are held at North Texas and Arkansas locations throughout the year to provide a convenient and safe drop-off option for donating extra breastmilk. Our goal is to make donating as convenient and easy as possible for approved donors as well as mothers who would like to start or complete the three-step screening process.

How to Become a Donor

  1. Complete an online eligibility form. (right)
  2. Complete a medical history questionnaire. (We can call you in advance for a 15-minute phone interview or you can complete this step at the milk drive.)
  3. Get a free, non-fasting blood test. (This can be done safely by a phlebotomist at the milk drive or scheduled at another time.)

Important Information

  • You must be approved as a donor before your milk can be processed and dispensed.
  • If you would like to wait to donate your milk until you are approved, you can schedule a milk pick-up after completing steps 2 & 3 (above) at the milk drive.
  • Milk left at the milk drive cannot be returned.

Empty your freezer to help fill ours!

If attending, please complete this form:


  • Call 817-810-0071
  • On day-of milk drive, call: 408-821-6581

Why Donate?

Mothers of premature infants often struggle to produce adequate breastmilk for a variety of reasons. For these families, donor human milk is a welcomed gift during one of the most stressful times of their lives. Donating to a nonprofit milk bank ensures that fragile babies in our community receive safe, optimal nutrition with immunological protection.

  • Pediatrix Neonatology
    Pediatrix Neonatology
  • Abide Women's Health Services
    Abide Women's Health Services
  • NEC Society
  • Benbrook Area Chamber of Commerce
  • The Amy E. Shewbart Foundation
    The Amy E. Shewbart Foundation
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