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Donor FAQs

PDF guide to donating:

Answers to commonly asked questions:

When can I start donating my milk?

You may begin donating milk at any time after you have completed your phone screening. However, we will not be able to use your milk until you are approved. Please note, once you drop off milk, it cannot be returned to you for liability reasons.

How do I package my milk?
  1. Place your frozen milk bags or containers in a plastic bag (such as a grocery bag; please do not use scented trash bags).
  2. Fill out a DONATION CARD (see pink link below) for each donation you make and note any medication or lifestyle changes on the card.
  3. Place the donation card including your FIRST AND LAST NAME and DONOR ID# in each grocery bag.
  4. Tie the bag tightly.

How do I deliver my milk?
  1. Deliver milk directly to the milk bank in Fort Worth.
  2. Schedule a home pickup by contacting us at 817-810-0071. (Our service area is one hour travel time from the milk bank, Monday through Friday.)
  3. Drop off your milk at one of our convenient depot locations.
  4. Call us for shipping supplies and directions at 817-810-0071. We can arrange overnight shipping via FedEx at no cost to you. We provide ice packs and insulated boxes for shipping. See details about box sizes below.

What box sizes do you offer for shipping?
  • SMALL: holds 50 ounces
  • MEDIUM: holds 200 ounces
  • LARGE: holds 500 ounces
  • EXTRA LARGE: holds 1,000 ounces

Can we help you with another question?

Refer to the donor information packet linked above, or contact the donor coordinator team at 817-810-0071 or

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  • Benbrook Chamber of Commerce
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