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Donor Stories

We're in it Together

Donor mom Rani says, “Being a donor makes me feel good and satisfied. It is a life changing decision and I feel content knowing I am able to help someone in need. So many mums out there are stressed in addition to postpartum because they can’t feed/ don’t have a milk supply. My heart bleeds for them.”

Rani says she had an oversupply with her first child, her daughter, but controlled it through pumping and had just a small stash. But because of this, she decided even before her son Sid was born that if she had enough milk she was going to donate it to help babies. Rani knew that liquid gold was invaluable to fragile babies and their immune systems.

Rani has now donated over 1,100 oz. and it has become a family affair. From her 5-year-old daughter who helps label the milk bags and likes putting her stickers on Rani’s pump because in her words, Rani is “doing a good job,” to Rani’s husband who handles Sid while Rani pumps to the little one himself, who is the reason for the milk. They are all in it together as a family, helping give back to the fragile babies who need the liquid gold.

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