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Make a Gift to the Formula Aid Fund

The Formula Aid Fund

Providing FREE donor human milk to families during the formula shortage crisis.

  • Gifts to the Formula Aid Fund will cover donor milk processing fees, enabling free, equitable dispensation to families. 

  • Processing fees include expenses for ensuring milk safety, for example, donor screenings, pasteurization, bottles, testing and freezer storage. 

  • See more details about this program below.



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About the Formula Aid Program

The milk bank is temporarily expanding its mission to help healthy babies affected by the formula shortage. 

Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas has extended operations to increase our capacity to help during the formula shortage. We are expanding our mission to provide healthy babies affected by the formula shortage with donor milk on a limited basis, while continuing to prioritize dispensation to hospitalized and fragile infants. We are able to do this thanks to our incredible donors who have reached out to help, making it possible for us to scale up on this limited basis to serve our community together during this time of crisis. 

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, our mission is to serve babies. Because milk is donated, MMBNT does not charge hospitals or recipients for the milk itself. Fees are determined by the processing costs incurred to ensure donor milk is safe for babies. Examples are costs for donor screenings (we pay for blood tests, etc.), pasteurization, packaging, freezer storage, etc. It’s expensive to ensure each bottle of milk is safe! A 100ml of donor milk has processing fee of $10.

Parents will not incur the regular milk processing fees for the formula aid program. By providing this one-time dispensation to parents for free, we are ensuring that any baby who does not have enough food can access donor milk regardless of ability to pay.

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