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Donor Stories

A Promise Fulfilled

Abigail, pictured with her husband and Jeriah.

Bereaved donor Abigail shares, “With a broken heart and watery eyes I just wanted to thank the milk bank for allowing me to accomplish the promise I made to my baby.” 

Abigail had a healthy pregnancy. When her doctor told her that there was a possibility that Adam had down syndrome, Abigail and her husband declined the definitive test, as it didn’t matter to them. Their older son had down syndrome - he was their miracle and they knew what to expect. But tragically, just after her 7 month appointment, Abigail stopped feeling Adam move and after going to the ER, it was determined that there was no longer a heartbeat.  

Abigail shares, “My heart is still broken but I'm slowly trying to get through it day by day. I see my first born and I feel happy and at the same time I really wish he would grow up with his baby brother. But I also know that he has a big angel looking after him from above as well as both great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers. The day I delivered baby Adam, while holding him, I promised him that I would do my best and pump as much milk as I could and donate it.

I'm proud of myself for being able to donate my breastmilk to help another baby. I was able to donate 48 bags of breastmilk. My husband and I will always love [Adam] and miss him dearly. He was and will be my bundle of joy just like his big brother Jeriah is to us.”

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