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Donor Stories

Kaysie's Story

Kaysie became a donor after her son, Dalton, passed away in the NICU at Cook Children’s. As a Cook Children’s NICU nurse herself, Kaysie had learned about MMBNT and knew firsthand how many other NICU babies could greatly benefit from her extra milk.

Dalton was born and sent directly to the NICU. He lived 9 weeks and 5 days. Although he only lived a short time, Kaysie described their NICU experience as hectic, due to the fact Dalton needed the help of his medical team and could not just come straight home. Kaysie pumped that entire time; she had an amazing supply and so much extra breastmilk. Once she realized how much extra milk she was producing, she shared, “it was a no-brainer that I was going to donate it.” 

Kaysie shares, “Dalton was taken care of by some of the most caring, loving people and co-workers. They will never fully understand the amount of gratitude I have for them. We only wish we would have been given more time with our baby. 

It honestly means the world to me to see first-hand how important donor breastmilk can be to such small, fragile babies. As first-time parents, Justin and I are more than happy to honor Dalton’s life with the gift of donating our extra breastmilk.”

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