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Moroni's Milk

Unable to breastfeed her first two children, Gaby was determined to succeed with her third. This plan became extremely challenging when Moroni was born early at 35 weeks in the emergency room weighing four pounds. Three days later, he required surgery to repair his intestines which hadn’t developed properly.

Then Moroni’s doctors discovered more problems. High bilirubin levels indicated poor liver function and he struggled with severe reflux. He has hearing loss and DNA testing confirmed he also has genetic condition called Williams Syndrome linked to the diagnosis of a serious heart defect. Consequently, a second surgery was required to reconstruct his arteries.

To help his complicated recovery, Gaby was determined to provide her breastmilk which required regular pumping. She says, “At first, I was excited I had the milk he needed, but after two months, my supply never increased, and I didn’t have the milk my baby needed.” Gaby describes those days as hard and sad.

Then mother’s intuition kicked in. She says, “It was like a voice, reminding me about the milk bank.” Within two days, she completed the medical forms and Moroni started receiving donor milk.

Gaby connects Moroni’s recovery from open heart surgery to the immunological powers of human milk. With more medical challenges ahead, she wants milk donors to understand her deep gratitude.

Gaby says, “I know how hard pumping can be because I did it for three months. I am eternally grateful for the mothers who donate. They have been a true blessing in my baby’s life.”

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