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Recipient Mom & Nurse Gives Back as a Milk Donor

Lennyx and Rowyn

Rainey and her husband Eliazar welcomed their twin girls, Lennyx and Rowyn, into the world at 32.3 weeks. Life came full circle for Rainey, a NICU nurse, as her own daughters were admitted to the NICU.

During the first few hours after delivery, Rainey started pumping. She did not have enough breastmilk on her own, so the twins received donor milk for their first few feedings. It gave them the solid foundation they needed to grow in the NICU.

Soon, Rainey was able to feed Lennyx and Rowyn with her own breastmilk. The girls spent 44 and 41 days in the NICU, respectively, then joined Rainey, Eliazar and big sister Emersyn at home. That’s when she realized how much breastmilk she was producing. With a deep freezer full of milk, Rainey fulfilled her dream of becoming a milk donor.

Family photo with the twin toddlers.

“I knew the minute I delivered the twins that I wanted to give back, become part of such a positive group and become a milk donor,” she said.

It’s meant the world to Rainey to be able to donate her extra breastmilk, just like other mothers do for the babies she treats in the NICU as well as her own daughters. Today, Lennyx and Rowyn are thriving and approaching their second birthday. “I cannot thank the milk donors who provided milk for my girls for their first day of life, so to be able to turn around and return the favor for another baby in need is an honor.”

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